URBANA: The experience of living at the city rhythm.

This is the story of Estuardo, a young and successful 32-year-old executive who for 6 years enjoys the experience of living in an apartment in the heart of zone 10.

To his apartment at any time without depending of hours of traffic. It all started some time ago, when he lived in a residential area with a lot of traffic, from where he used to go daily to his office at 5 A.M. to avoid typical vehicular morning traffic; to return approximately at 8 P.M., this ended up making his home in a place to sleep only because he didn’t spend much time there.

This is how the idea of finding a closer place to live came up, he began to investigate other living options in a closer zone to the city, without much success at first since he couldn’t find a house that fit his taste and life style, decided to start looking for an apartment, with a premium location, near to the university, business centers and his company, witch is located in a building in Zone 10.

Zone 10 seemed to be the best option for him, so he decided to buy there, since it was everything that he was looking for. From his decision, Estuardo felt a significant change in his life, being closer to his office allowed him to return home to lunch and even take a few minutes nap. Living closer allowed him felt rest, with less stress for the tranquility of returning home.

Now he has verified all the advantages of living in zone 10, frequently comments with his friends the following:

“Now I don’t have to go out so early and have all I need steps away from my apartment, for example the office, shopping centers as Fontabella, Oakland Mall and many restaurants that go with my rhythm and lifestyle”.

Now he knows that it was a good decision, for the convenience of the sector and he appreciate the security that his apartment provide which is exponentially better than a house even more than a condominium. Now he can travel quietly and feel when he opens the door, everything will be fine. Because of the location of his apartment, this became a meeting point with his friends and when they go out at night, anybody can pick him up without any inconvenient.

Inspired in a story like Eduardo´s, CALIDAD INMOBILIARIA development URBANA, an apartment building with a sophisticated and unique design, located in the heart of Zona Viva, the sector with the most surplus value of zone 10. Conformed by 6 different styles of apartments of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms, built with high attention to detail and excellent use of space. URBANA offers all the amenities you need to live fully.