What banks can finance their investment?

It can be any bank in the country. We always recommend working with the bank which financed the project, so we can expect a quicker response for your credit application.

Which zones generate more surplus value in the capital city?

The areas with more surplus value are: Vista Hermosa I and II located at zone 15, of the 5th avenue to the 8th avenue of the zone 14, the Zona Viva and Oakland both located at zone 10, and San Isidro located at zone 16.

How can I calculate the meters of my office in relation to the number of people who will occupy it?

It can be calculated in a simple way: For every person who works in the company, we recommend 8 to 12 meters.

What payments involves buying a property?

It depends on the construction stage of the project, but normally you have to pay a minimum reserve percentage, then we offer to distribute the amount left of the down payment in the missing months to deliver the project and the final disbursement when the property is delivered.

What benefits include the cost of maintenance?

These benefits may vary depending of the project, generally includes the following: Water, garbage collector, cleaning of common areas and security.

Who is the builder?

100% of our projects are built by  QUALICONS.  Company with 14 years of trajectory and more than 50 projects built in Guatemala and El Salvador. 

How long does it take to build a project?

24 months, after having the construction license.

Why should I invest in real estate?

It´s less risky and volatile, the rents from the investment can pay the mortgages and later be sources of fixed income. This type of investment is valued better than money in the bank, which also protects it from inflation.